Please also note when you do play any of our rooms, we are requiring all participants to use hand sanitizer or wash their hands prior to entering a room. We are spraying down the rooms before and after each use.

Based on CDC Guidance, we ask all participants to bring and wear their own mask when in our facility. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with a disposable one or have you make one onsite (only takes a few minutes). Our goal is to keep the spread of COVID-19 to a minimum. We may have temperature checks as well prior to entering the facility. If these occur, they will all be done from a distance. If anyone is suffering from any symptoms please stay home for your safety and the safety of others.

In addition, all rooms will be private until further notice. The website will close the room and make it private for your safety after booking. If you want to add players after you book a room you will need to give us a call to add them and we will be happy to do so.

Our goal is to have a safe and enjoyable environment for our clients and staff.
Thank You!


Tampa Bay's First Live Escape Game

What is the Tampa Bay Escape Room?

Tampa Bay Escape Room is a real life escape room game. A new entertainment concept in the US, it's a race against the clock of heart pounding fun! You and your friends or team will enter one of our themed game rooms, where you will have 60 minutes to figure out how to escape. You will need to find clues, solve puzzles, crack codes, and investigate everything to make it out! But can you do it before time is up?

Who Can Play?

Tampa Bay Escape Room is perfect for Game Enthusiasts & Gamers, Families and Friends, Companies, Tourists and Visitors

Gamers & Enthusiasts

Family & Friends

Companies & Events

Tourists & Visitors

Escape Rooms

Wizard's Keep

The village is calm and everyone has turned in for the night. As an apprentice you enter the Wizard's Keep to find your master, but he is nowhere in sight. By a blunder of his own doing, he has trapped himself in another dimension. It is your job to free the Wizard or he will be doomed forever.

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level
Recommended for 2-10 Players
All rooms are private.


You are a group of travelers who have been kidnapped and taken hostage by foreign traitors to an undisclosed location. They have left to gather supplies, if you do not make it out of the holding room within 60 minutes, the Kidnappers will return and your hostage situation will turn torturous. When the game begins you will be handcuffed , which is totally optional.

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level
Recommended for 2-8 Players
All rooms are private.

Cabin in the Woods

You are a group of hikers traveling through the woods when you hear a storm in the distance. The thunder sends you running to the nearest cabin for shelter. Once you enter the Cabin, you soon discover that this little Cabin is not all that it appears. You decide you would rather brave the storm and attempt to leave, however, the door locks trapping you inside. Your mission: save your life and escape this little Cabin within 60 minutes.

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level
Recommended for 2-5 Players
All rooms are private.

Want more?
Check out the ESCAPE ROOMS AT OUR other locaton!

Address: 514 1st Ave SW, Largo, FL 33770

Mad Hatter

You were traveling through the woods, when suddenly you fell down a rabbit hole into the Mad Hatters Tea Party. He has filled this room with clues and riddles to keep you from escaping his madness. He does not want you to find his favorite tea pot and what hides inside. Hurry, do not be late, the clocks are ticking!

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level

Black and White

A mad scientist has taken your color vision and locked you in this room. He has tricked your eyes to deceive you. Can you even tell what is up from down? Left from right? You must work together and stay focused in order to find the hand right before your eyes and get back your color vision before it is too late! You will know you have succeeded when you can see the bright green light! Hurry, you only have one hour!

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level

Zombie Apocalypse

You are a group of survivors of a recent zombie apocalypse looking for shelter when you come across what appears to be an abandoned house. But is it really abandoned? You hear sounds that suggest you may not be alone. You have 60 Minutes to save another Survivor and Escape, if you can...

Difficulty Level:
Difficulty Level



Monday: 5pm - 9:30pm
Tuesday: 5pm - 9:30pm
Wednesday: Varies (call or check website)
Thursday: 5pm - 9:30pm
Friday: 5pm - 11pm
Saturday: 1pm - 11pm
Sunday: 1pm - 8:30pm

To make reservations and find out what days and times are available click on the 'BOOK NOW' button at the top of this page.

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