Escape Room Tips

Why Escape Rooms Are the Perfect First Date

Though some people may shiver at the thought of being locked in a room with a first date, escape rooms are actually the perfect first date for a variety of reasons. When you’re looking for a fun, unique idea for a first date, don’t hesitate to book an escape room today.

Here’s why you and your new boo will love falling in love with escape rooms — and maybe even each other!

It’s unique

Taking your date out for a cup of coffee might be nice, but it pales in comparison to the fun energy of an escape room. This unique first date idea shows that you’re an inventive, fun-loving person, who isn’t afraid to try new things. This is the kind of date that will stand out among the endless stream of boring dinner dates and “Netflix and Chill” hangouts. For a truly fun and unique experience, a cool escape room is the way to go.

You work together

Figuring out how to beat escape rooms will encourage you to work together to solve the puzzle. When both of you work toward a common goal, camaraderie will come naturally. This fun, challenging puzzle can reveal a lot about the other person and bring you closer together when you finally figure out how to beat escape rooms that come your way. If you fail to beat the room, it just means you can set up a second date to make up for the last time.

It boosts adrenaline

When you’re trying to solve a fun escape room, you’ll feel the adrenaline kick in when the timer starts to run out. This not only makes it more fun for everyone involved, but these endorphins will release feel-good hormones that make you enjoy spending time with your date, maybe even kicking up the chemistry between you two. Even if you just met, an escape room will make you feel closer than you were at the start.

It’s memorable

At the end of each escape room, whether you figured out how to beat escape rooms or not, you’ll get a picture commemorating the event. This not only makes it a memorable first date compared to other dates, but it also serves as a way to look back on fun experiences.

In the last few years, escape rooms have grown from 22 to over 2,000 across the United States. When you want to go on a date, think about spicing things up with a local escape room challenge. Contact Escape If You Can today!